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Darryl Riddle of 877QuicDry takes a mold sample from a molded ceiling.

877QuicDry (877-784-2379) takes a mold sample from the ceiling of a historic school room.


877QuicDry (877-784-2379) personnel have performed thousands of mold tests, mold investigations, and mold removal projects over the past twenty years. 

As such, we are fortunate to have collected considerable knowledge on mold, mold testing, and mold remediation processes from both educational and practical sources.  The following pages summarize years of knowledge and information obtained.  It should be understood that it would literally take 100s of pages to convey all the details, so this site will simply touch on the highlights and make references to other areas where additional information is available.  We hope sharing a small amount of our knowledge will in some way help you with the issues you are facing now or may face in the future.

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Shelter History


Ancient References to Mold


Mold and Your Health


Mold in Your Home or Business