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The Rover in use in 877QuicDry Flood Restoration projects. We work on Flood Restoration in Houston, Galveston and any cities in the Greater Houston area, such as The Woodlands, Tomball, River Oaks, Clear Lake, Dickinson, Friendswood. We are your Flood Restoration professionals.
A Rover in use. 877QuicDry (877-784-2379), Houston, Texas.
A picture of the Rover used by 877QuicDry in Houston and Galveston, Texas, for Flood Restoration
The Rover, an advanced,ridable suction device.     


The Dri-Eaz Rover is one example of a ride-on suction device used in the Restorative Drying process, also known as Flood Restoration.  877QuicDry (877-784-2379) in Houston, TX, utilizes the most advanced Flood Restoration and Restorative Drying equipment in the Water Damage industry.


The Dri-Eaz Rover uses suction from the same truck mounted or portable equipment used for a light wand system. Its motor drive and tuned port teflon suction glides form an optimum condition for water removal.  The motor drive of the Dri-Eaz Rover provides a constant speed, while the tuned ports on the teflon glide provide high velocity intake suction.